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Effective Business Process Outsourcing

The ability to effectively manage vendors is a key to successful business process outsourcing. Outsourcing and offshoring key business processes have their benefits in terms of cost savings, access to specialized services, etc. Effective vendor management policy not only helps companies optimize these gains but it also ensures the disadvantages of offshoring (linguistic barriers, cultural differences, high staff turnover) get minimized.

XServe Consulting with a dedicated team of Outsourcing experts and Lean Six Sigma professionals facilitate vendor management for clients to realize the optimum business gains of business process outsourcing.

There are three important stages in outsourcing a business process. Our vendor management practices are an integral part of all the three stages.

  • Vendor search & identification
  • SWOT analysis – Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Contract and Service Level Agreement (SLA) negotiation
  • Process mapping and documentation
  • Transition phase
  • Post implementation review
  • Performance monitoring and process stabilization
  • Business process improvement and optimization

PLANNING to Outsource?

You have taken the first step if you are on this page. Outsourcing, when implemented correctly, yields both tangible and intangible business gains.

We assist you right from drafting the SLA and RFI, inviting proposals, shortlisting qualified vendors, process transition, training and optimizing the service delivery process.

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Vendor Selection Process

Partnering with the right service providerĀ is a critical step in delivering a world class and unified customer experience. We consider the following three factors while selecting the right vendor for your business process outsourcing requirements.

  • Number of similar clients and projects
  • Previous experience in similar line of business
  • Customer references
  • Domain expertise
  • Training and Certifications

  • Financial stability
  • Years in operations
  • Range of service offerings
  • Technical qualifications
  • Hiring, Training and Service Delivery processes
  • Employee tenure and attrition
  • Knowledge management practices
  • Communication skills
  • Work ethics
  • Problem solving and process improvement
  • Commitment to quality standards and compliance
  • Methodologies used for service delivery and process improvement
Vendor Selection for Business Process Outsourcing
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